Taqadam Showcase

Tomorrow, harmonized

Meet the startups pitching at TAQADAM Virtual showcase 2022
March 10, 4:30 PM GMT +3

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TAQADAM Showcase 2022

Sometimes, a simple sound can become so much more: whispers grow louder to form a powerful call to action; instruments come together to produce a beautiful song.

Like sounds can come together to create beautiful melodies, founders can harness global noise and bring together the right elements to create ideas to change the world. These game-changing moments often start with a “pitch”—a bold vision for what could be and what comes next… for Tomorrow, harmonized.

Inspired by the power of collective harmony, the 2022 TAQADAM virtual showcase will bring together 58 founders representing 23 startups from our latest cohort. These entrepreneurs are masters at harnessing noise and using it to build a path forward—a harmonious future marked by sustainability, abundance, equity and well-being.

Enjoy the startups' pitches at this year’s TAQADAM virtual showcase.


TAQADAM is a global startup accelerator powered by the extraordinary networks of KAUST and SABB. Since 2016, we’ve worked with startups at all stages of growth, supporting founders as they push the boundaries of what’s possible — and make their dreams reality.

During each six-month TAQADAM cohort, we provide the mentorship, funding, and in-depth workshops founders need to bring their business to market. Teams receive 150,000 SAR in non-dilutive funding at the start of the accelerator, with some startups securing additional follow-on funding of 375,000 SAR at the showcase. In addition, all participants receive access to co-working spaces across Saudi Arabia.

TAQADAM graduates leave the program with a robust knowledge spanning product design, market fit, business model planning, team development and a fundraising toolkit designed to accelerate their business growth. As they leave the program, our founders will have the contacts, intel and actionable next steps to keep moving forward.


  • Opening

    4:30 PM (GMT+3)

  • Startup Pitchs

    4:42 PM (GMT+3)

  • The Big Reveal

    5:44 PM (GMT+3)